DigiRehab is welfare technology which supports and optimises the use of resources in municipal rehab programmes.

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The right rehab works

DigiRehab’s modules support three closely interrelated tasks:
  • Assessment of the patient’s potential for rehab: identifying the patients who will benefit from rehab, either supervised by a physiotherapist, supported by home care services or as video-supported, self-directed rehabilitation
  • Rehab intervention: either self-directed or supported by home care services
  • Analysis tool for efficient, effective follow-up: see who benefits from rehab and quickly select alternative solutions for those who do not

Screening for physical rehabilitation potential

The essence of DigiRehab is objective assessment of each patient’s need for assistance and his/her general level of ability. Together, these assessments form a precise image of the patients’ physical potential for rehabilitation.

Get an overall picture of who can benefit from training, initiate the training process and get a complete, well-documented real-time view of the effects of your efforts.

Action for self-directed rehab or supported rehab

DigiRehab supports both self-directed rehab and supported rehab. Rehab supported by care assistants has an excellent effect and is an efficient method for providing rehabilitation.

DigiRehab’s services:

  • Training of your entire organisation,
  • individualised rehab programmes, automatically generated from assessments,
  • video-based staff training,
  • progression/regression built into the exercises so they are easily adaptable to different daily settings,
  • acknowledgement function with a recap of comments and scoring of the intensity/quality of the rehab, producing the following:
  • a rehab diary/calendar,
  • user login for supplementary self-directed rehab.

Analysis tool for efficient and effective rehab follow-up

Use DigiRehab for ongoing impact analyses and reporting on the rehabilitation efforts within the Municipality. You have continuous access to up-to-date data about the effect of your rehab effort, which provides scope for:

  • analysis relating to optimising the use of your resources
  • advanced statistical functions with direct transfer to analysis applications
  • built-in warnings when the effort is waning or fails to materialise – and when the effect should prompt a re-examination

By agreement, the DigiRehab team prepare decision-making reports to assess the municipality’s rehab efforts to focus on rehab which has the best effect.

Striking improvement in 3 out of 4 patients

Tests using the DigiRehab solution are carried out to illustrate the effect of systematic assessment and customised rehab in a pragmatic design.

Patients who receive in-home help several times a week are given physical therapy by their respective care givers/care assistants. The conclusions are clear:

“The effect of the rehab provided via the rehab programmes is that 3 out of 4 patients have significantly improved physically and 3 out of 4 have also become self-reliant.”

Michael Harbo
Physiotherapist and instructor
Development Manager, DigiRehab A/S
mh@digirehab.dk +45 2287 9966
Niels Heuer
Civil Engineer & BComm (Organisation and Management)
CEO, DigiRehab A/S
nh@digirehab.dk +45 2272 7220


Selected references

The City of Aalborg has initiated the use of DigiRehab in one of the three sectors of its Home Care Services. 100 users are included. 120 care assistants have been trained. The effect of DigiRehab is being analysed over a three-month period.
In early 2014, Gribskov Municipality started to use DigiRehab to identify all new Section 83a processes. DigiRehab is used to support and analyse the “Improving Your ADLs (Activities of Everyday Living)” project.
In autumn 2014, Rudersdal Municipality embarked on a large-scale verification project. 120 patients are included in the project. 30 care assistants have been trained. The purpose is to analyse and verify in detail the effect of DigiRehab.

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